Business operations should help you accomplish your big mission. We work with small & medium organizations to refine operations and training so your team can focus & do great work.

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About Jennifer...

Founder and principal of Burkett Partners, Jennifer Burkett learned early in her professional career to honor her left-brain/right-brain tendencies. A dual degree holder in Mathematics and Studio Art, Jennifer believes in designing solutions that embrace the whole person. She calls it people-first operations.

Jennifer started Burkett Partners to bring her unique and powerful blend of empathy and expertise to companies that didn’t have the time or resources to install a full time operations team or COO. She thrives on helping small to medium companies enact radical change and do great things.

With a career that spans investment banking, real estate underwriting, social compliance auditing and owning a small artisan business, she’s uniquely poised to creatively tackle diverse challenges in a variety of industries.

As a trained Yoga teacher, a speaker of conversational Spanish and a long-distance cyclist, Jen believes that the best strategies can come from unexpected experiences, she strives to create connection and alignment within all her client teams.


Has your company grown organically from a small tight-knit team to a diverse group of talented people? Are the systems you have in place no longer helping you realize your goals? Are you terrified that creating a better way might mean widespread changes you’re not prepared for, or don’t know how to manage?

Burkett Partners is about business operations that serve people first. Jennifer’s more than 10 years of experience in broad-spectrum operations management with diverse businesses, from social-justice-driven entities, small artisan products and more traditional enterprise, gives her a unique ability to solve tricky problems and get your company working together toward strategic goals.

 Whether you need help developing and refining your product; on-boarding and training your people; having difficult conversations or want a consulting COO to identify and solve what’s holding you back; Burkett Partners makes it easy to get the expertise you need without the hassle and expense of a full time hire.




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