Consulting COO

You started or joined a company with a clear vision. But as the business has grown from a small tight-knit group to a more diverse and layered team, operational lag and unscalable internal systems have you frustrated and overwhelmed. You just want to focus on that next goal, without having to worry about the systems you need to get there. Enter the consulting COO.

Imagine a car engine. You’ve got a driver with a vision, and a whole complex mechanism beyond the pedals to put that vision into action - but you need a little something to help smoothly connect the two. A COO functions like engine grease, transmitting vision into strategy, measurable data, and internal systems so that your whole team goes the same direction, together.

Jennifer works as a consulting COO on specific projects as well as integrating with businesses on a more long-term basis. Click here to learn if a consulting COO is right for you, and to set up a complementary consultation.